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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Tree Stump Removal

We are able to offer our professional stump grinding service throughout the region of Hampshire and nearby areas. We also offer tree planting, tree pruning, tree shaping and tree removal at very competitive prices, we always remove and recycle the green waste.

Stump Grinding

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Professional Stump Grinding Service

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Stumps are the remaining portion of the tree trunk when a tree has been felled for removal, often stumps are simply left for another time to deal with, or they get removed straight after tree felling. Stump grinding is one of the services of tree surgery that is in high demand. Those stumps left out will not only look awkward but should be got rid of as they could cause accidents. 

Stumps can be hard to remove, though they can be done without the help of tree surgeons with just the right tools. Nevertheless, arborists handle stump grinding jobs because it is much easier for them to remove the stump until the roots way beneath. They have special skills and tools to lift the stump or grind it into the earth, without leaving a trace on the work area.

Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding

Our stump grinding service is handled by our professionals throughout Hampshire. Relative to stump removal is the protocol to follow green waste and recycling. This can go along with tree shaping or tree removal if there are trees left in your surrounding that needs cutting, pruning, felling, or treating.

Our office is open for any queries on all aspects of tree surgery or garden maintenance. We offer competitive prices, with jobs handled by qualified arborists. We inspect your area and discuss necessary measures on tree removal.

Why Choose Us?

We take our profession seriously, as this undertaking and our qualified team are every day faced with dangers. Arborists encounter accidents that can be caused by chainsaw malfunction, fall from heights, bites from pests and bugs, or being struck with heavy logs and timber. Yet, it is our commitment to fulfilling our duty to our customers and to the environment that surrounds us.

Along with the heavy workload, our team are equipped not only with high-powered tools and equipment but of skill, experience, and education that allow them to acquire certification and licenses under institutional approvals. We ascertain that our commitment goes beyond what the industry expects of us because we feel enlightened and fulfilled when our customers feel the same way.

We make it a point that our tree surgeons are healthy and trained to do this highly competitive job, operate machines, and take responsibility for any fault they may encounter.

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