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Equality & Diversity Policy

Equality & Diversity Policy

1.0 Alpine Tree Surgeons Ltd is committed to a comprehensive policy of equalopportunities in employment in which individuals are selected and treated based ontheir relevant merits and abilities without regard to race, religion, colour, sex, age,national origin, disability or sexual orientation and are given equal opportunities within the company.

2.0 The aim of this policy is to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives lessfavourable treatment on grounds not relevant to good employment practice. Werecognise that people are the most valuable asset.

3.0 We are committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare, of our staff and customers, and anyone who may be affected by our business activities. The policy and practice of the company require that all employees are afforded equal opportunities within employment and that entry into employment with the company and progression within employment will be determined only by personal merit and the application of criteria which are related to the duties of each particular position. In all cases, ability to perform the job will be the primary consideration.

4.0 All employees have a duty to co-operate to ensure that this policy is effective to ensure equal opportunities and to prevent discrimination.

5.0 Employees must not harass or intimidate other employees on the grounds of race or sex, age, disability or sexual orientation and must not victimise or retaliate against employees who make such allegations.

6.0 Disciplinary action will be taken against any employee who breaches this policy and serious breaches will be treated as gross misconduct.

7.0 The company welcomes diversity amongst its employees and seeks to ensure that all candidates for employment are treated fairly, and that selection is based solely on the individuals abilities and qualifications.

8.0 The recruitment process must result in the selection of the most suitable person for the job having regard to experience and qualifications where necessary.

9.0 As an employer we are committed to the principle of equality of opportunity, the company will adhere to the following procedure for recruiting and selecting individuals for all positions.