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Tree Preservation Order

In England, tree preservation is an extremely important undertaking for the care of trees, preservation of a green environment, and limiting the abuse of natural resources in order to maintain a healthy and sustainable society.


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Alpine Tree Surgeons are highly experienced when it comes to Tree Preservation Order (TPO) research and Applications for Planning Consent to local authorities. A TPO is formed to protect certain trees from damage or destruction. The protection covers the prevention of uprooting, felling, or topping, or any act that is dangerous for trees’ health without the knowledge and permission of the local planning authority. However, TPOs can be patterned on different degrees of protection.

The Town and Country Planning Act 1947 introduced the TPOs, making them now more than 50 years old but valid. However, current TPOs are under the 1990 version.

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Your Responsibilities as a Tree Owner

Tree owners under TPOs cannot carry out prohibited activities without formal consent from the local authority.

The health and safety of trees should be observed through regular maintenance and inspection. Alpine Tree Surgeons can obtain arboricultural advice from consultants or from the authority concerning other responsibilities of tree owners.

What are the tree works that do not require TPO permission?

  1. A dead or dangerous tree being felled. The liability lies on the person who authorises the work to pursue and prove that the tree was dangerous.
  2. When there is a work that involves public highways (stated under the Act of Parliament)
  3. Organisations’ request to work on trees specified in the TPO.
  4. Works on fruit trees involved in business and production.
  5. Works that control nuisance.

Here, at Alpine Tree Surgeons, we take the hassle of these sometimes difficult procedures out of your hands, as we are completely up to date with the expectations, rules, and regulations of all local authorities.

We do handle all aspects of tree care. Count on our professional tree service and enjoy our 24-hour emergency call out, too. Contact us today with these numbers: 01730 821277 or for our emergency out of hours tree surgeon call  07836 339 664.

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