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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

1.0    General Statement

It is the policy of Alpine Tree Surgeons to provide customers with arboriculture and associated services, which are entirely appropriate for their intended purposes and which are provided in strict conformance with all agreed contractual requirements.

2.0    Responsibilities

All employees are responsible for achieving and maintaining quality standards and no deviation from the procedures arising from those documented policies are permitted without the written authority of a Director or designated person.

3.0    Continued Improvement

Alpine Tree Surgeons is committed to a policy of continued improvement. This involves all employees continually analysing, searching and investigating processes, activities and works to evolve and establish improved quality, safety and environmental procedures.

4.0    Commitment

This document is published in the knowledge that service, quality and company reputation are all depend upon the everyday actions of all those it employs. 

Ensure quality standards by continually monitoring, auditing and reviewing the policy and its effectiveness in the workplace. Review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals (minimum annually).

5.0    Communication

The company’s quality policy is communicated to all employees and is available to all other interested parties upon request. A copy is on display in our offices.