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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

1.0    General Statement

Alpine Tree Surgeons believes that all our activities have an impact upon the environment and environmental issues are of critical importance. This policy commits our company to continual environmental improvement, to prevent pollution and take actions that will lead to environmental sustainability.

2.0    Aims and Objectives

We will achieve our policy objectives by continually striving to:

2.1    Conform to and where possible exceed environmental legislation.

2.2    As a Company and as individuals plan our activities, services and products to minimise any adverse impact upon the environment.

2.3    Train our employees to be environmentally aware, environmentally responsible and continually work towards environmental sustainability.

2.4    Control our emissions to air, land and water.

2.5    Minimise our use of non-renewable resources.

2.6    Encourage the reduction of waste where possible.

2.7    Increase the amount of recycling in the office.

2.8    Ensure good environmental practices by regular review of the environmental policy.

2.9    Incorporate environmental goals into the company’s Aims and Objectives plan.

3.0    Communication

The company’s environmental policy is communicated to all employees and is available to all interested parties upon request. A copy is on display in our offices.

4.0    Policy Monitoring and Review 

The operation of this policy will be maintained by continually monitoring and reviewing its implementation in the workplace. To ensure it remains current and applicable to Alpines activities this policy will be reviewed and revised as necessary at regular intervals (minimum annually).