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Professional Tree Surgery in Southampton

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If you have trees on your property and you want them to remain healthy, it’s important to enlist the help of a tree surgeon. Our experienced tree surgeons use specialised equipment and have the skills and knowledge to ensure your trees remain healthy and beautiful. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in diagnosing and treating diseases and pests that attack trees, as well as providing emergency tree care and undertaking tree planting, pruning, and dead wood or tree removal.

We use a range of professional tools and equipment, from hand tools to power tools and mobile machinery. Hand tools include pruning saws, loppers, and shears, while power tools include chainsaws, hedge trimmers, and wood chippers. Mobile machinery such as winches, cranes, and cherry pickers are also common.

We are happy to provide our wervices to the residents and businesses of Southampton and surrounding towns and villages.


Tree Surgery, Tree Removal, and Hedge Trimming Requires Careful Attention

Trees suffer from empty and damaged cavities where microorganisms thrive. That’s why even stumps can become a problem that effects your property. They also are the focus of conflicts when they pose danger to the community. Sometimes, residents have disputes on trees when problematic trees become life-threatening and cause great damage to lives and properties. Thus, the Alpine team touch on this kind of issues. And we know what you need are certified and highly experienced tree surgeons to assume such a complicated task. You need a specialist in this area. Trust us and we will sort out the problem. 

Tree Felling Company That Touches Lives

Other causes of neighbourhood dispute involve ownership, permits, and rights to tree preservation. As such, our tree surgeons will assist to offer help in securing authority under which a tree is covered by the Tree Preservation Order (TPO). With TPOs, locals can be assured that some trees are subject to control by the government by regulating the destruction, uprooting, felling, or trimming of protected trees. We recommend knowing more about TPOs to avoid conflicts.

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Tree Surgeons Southampton


Tree surgery is not about all trees being taken down, but it’s about handling the maintenance and subtle art of tree care. While many aspects of tree surgeons’ job are mentioned here, every undertaking requires the expertise of tree surgeons certified in the field.

Our Alpine Tree Surgeons are a specialist in all things that are required in the field of tree preservation, maintenance and arborist works.

A lot of Tree surgeons Southampton‘s  tree jobs include tree trimming or complete tree removal perhaps due to unsalvaged condition of the tree. Their work on tree surgery and on ways of saving a tree no matter the damage is unparalleled. That’s why our clients recommend us. For diseased trees, tree surgeons assess them to apply the appropriate treatment.

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Professional Tree Service in Southampton

Alpine Tree Surgeons continue its work in delivering excellent tree service. Our skilled tree surgeons observe have to follow strict industry standards of safety and tree care. We recommend our company as your go-to specialist.

We believe in the importance of trees in observing the green principle that contributes to making our planet alive. That’s why tree and stump removal is not a simple undertaking.

In carrying out tree jobs, our trusted tree surgeons are aware of the proper disposal and that the material waste coming from this cleanup should not harm the environment. Our tree experts aim to work carefully and leave your property tidy.

Our team is composed of certified and experienced tree surgeons who have been with us for many years and follow our company ethos. And our company adheres to our sworn commitment being members of British standard bodies, such as Checkatrade and Arboricultural Association. These institutions recommend our service in the UK.

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Southampton Tree Surgery – Exceptional Services

Understanding the complexity of our work projects, we ensure that every tree surgeon we send to the site knows the process from the beginning. Every tree surgeon is highly skilled and field certified to handle heavy equipment, tools, and machinery. This tree specialist also has training in tree climbing, strategic tree cutting, and good decision-making while on the site doing a risky job. In other words, they are adept in protecting the environment, the property, the people in danger, and themselves. And their services through the years have merited them accolades. In fact, industry leaders recommend our service around the UK.

In summary, the Alpine team covers the following services:

  • Tree felling, crowning, trimming, pruning
  • Inspection and treatment of diseased tree
  • Removal of dead branches to ensure healthy branches are not affected
  • Hedge trimming
  • TPOs and environmental concerns
  • Stump grinding and complete removal
  • Tree Removal

If you need to know more about what we do and are interested in learning about tree care, let us help you and find you a qualified tree surgeon. We have a 24-hour emergency call-out for residences and businesses who may encounter emergency-related events on trees. We’ll touch on those issues with care. Our team are prepped to visit your site right away.

Our commitment to serving you is our priority, that’s why our business lives on for many decades. If you are one of the thousands with much concern about trees and the surroundings, let a tree specialist discuss with you. In honesty, most of the jobs we assumed came from genuine recommendations because of what we have imparted involving the quality of service we left behind.

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Great Expansion Ahead

Alpine Tree Surgeons extends its services to the popular district of Southampton. Southampton is a county borough making it an independent or self-governed council but now became a non-metropolitan district of Hampshire. Nevertheless, the history of Southampton connects to the rich cultural heritage of Hampshire but has its unique identity to call for.

How a Tree Is Valued in Surroundings

Interestingly, Southampton is home to the infamous Titanic that sank to the bottom of the sea in 1912. It carried locals of Southampton who also perished in the disaster. An interactive model of the maiden ship is housed in the SeaCity Museum.

But what’s more fascinating than just knowing these facts is that Southampton is a place where you can find museums, gardens, parks, and ports, including the 800-year-old artefacts in Tudor House & Garden, and that the county is known as port to the world’s largest cruise ships. Adding beauty to the area is the lush of greens, to which it is only appropriate to have tree services there.

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With such amazing facts, Southampton is a wonderful place for tourists and locals and businesses that preserve nature’s bounty. And for over 25 years in the business of tree felling, the Alpine team has expanded its services and taken this as a leverage to continue its professional work on tree care as it believes in the great contribution of such services to this region.

From tree pruning, hedge trimming, stump grinding, tree felling, and more, Alpine Tree Surgeons believes in its quest to make every place in the UK preserve their stunning beauty.


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