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All About Guildford

All About Guildford

All About Guildford

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What to See, Where to Go, and What to Do

If you haven’t seen Guildford or haven’t gone for a visit, Guildford is an exciting place in the southern part of England. A prosperous town in Surrey, England, it has an estimated population of 80,000 and is the seat of the Borough of Guildford.

This town is Located in southern England. In the centre is the medieval Guildford Castle, with landscaped gardens and views from its square tower. Known for its lush greenery, formidable architectural sites, historical places that go way back to pre-medieval times, Guildford was attached to a network of waterways that paved the way to prosperity, which stands right to its name. Formerly referred to “Guild”, meaning “gold”–Guildford was a society of tradesmen.

Getting a clearer sight of this historical place, it is a town rich in villages that are picture perfect for their charming villages with lush greens. Yet, the town boasts of duck ponds, cricket pitches or fields, pub houses, and tea rooms. With almost-endlessly stunning views, Guildford should be thankful for its rich geographical beauty.

Things to do in Guildford

With the beautiful attractions on offer, which look even more stunning when the sun is up, your days will be fully occupied, and there’s no reason to lag behind. Famous places, impressive buildings and structures, wildlife and parks and cobbled pavements, Guildford is a formidable prosperous town. Sit back and see the relaxing beauty of the gardens by enjoying your cakes and tea by the sides.

Guildford also is known for its extensive parks where you can lay down your picnic blanket and enjoy an afternoon chat and play with your family. Stoke Park, which is situated between Parkway and London Road, is the most popular park. If you look for stunning views of parklands and connecting lakes, you can take a walk around the Loseley Park. Savour the antiquity of the place built way back in the time of Elizabeth I and rest your feet with savoury snacks and drinks nearby.

Sports enthusiasts are Guildford Spectrum’s consistent visitors—a huge and one-stop facility complex where you can display your liking for swimming, bowling, ice skating, and more!

There’s a lot more to tell, but your trip won’t be complete unless you witness the panoramic view of the aerea at the Great Tower of Guildford Castle.

Visit the best landmarks

The Guildford Castle

This historical castle built way back in the 11th century. It is known that the Guildford Castle was fortified shortly after the Norman conquest, and truly reflects the medieval European architecture with the surrounding battlement intended for shooting soldiers. The Castle also serves an important route to this day between west of England and London.

It was in  1888 when the castle opened to the public after its restoration and becomes a tourist’s spot where you can buy souvenirs from the gift shop on the ground floor.

Spike Heritage Centre

The grim but fascinating history of the Spike Heritage Centre will bring you back to the sober memories of the poor peasants who were compelled to serve in Victorian workhouses. Almost 200 years ago, the poor peasants composed of women, sick, and the elderly, but the able-bodied paupers were to work in mills.

The Spike Heritage Centre served as a workhouse for the paupers who have no shelter on their heads. The Guildford Workhouse, its former name, provided relief for the poor. However, in 1895, the workhouse became overcrowded where a plan to extend the building was launched to house children and served as an infirmary. The word “spike” was used as a reference to the spikes used by the those housed in the workhouse to pick oakum. The inmates pick oakum, break rocks, and chop wood.

The Guildford Cathedral

If you are looking for a place of worship, the beautiful Cathedral prides itself as the People’s Cathedral.  The Cathedral welcomes all kinds of people and serves as a centre of inspiration and worship for those who want to make a reflection during their worship time. Some of the scenes in the film “The Omen” were shot inside the cathedral.

Stoke Park

Stoke Park is the towns largest park. Get your children to enjoy the spacious green field and playground, mini-golf course, paddling pool, and skating park. Intended for adults is the fitness trail, built with a solid timber frame. Imagine how many activities you can do with Stokes Park. For many, Stoke Park is a perfect place for fitness enthusiasts.

The Boileroom

Taking a break from the historical hush of Guildford, the town also boasts of entertainment and arts. The boileroom is an independent venue for wonderful gigs by various artists, some are known in the industry. Enjoy a number of gigs in the Boileroom and book your tickets to catch fantastic shows. Spend an amazing night with great music in this small venue, much cherished by residents. A special for a place for budding artists and famous performers alike, the Boileroom was just founded in 2006 by people dedicated to promote arts in forms of events and live music.

Watts Gallery

Arts enthusiasts in the form of sculpture and paintings could cherish priceless pieces of arts in the Watts Gallery. Discover the Victorian masterpieces in this stunning collection of artworks in the hills of Surrey. If you are a collector, you can purchase from here or grab some souvenir items for your pleasure.

The Watts Chapel

The stunningly beautiful Watts Chapel is a working cemetery. It is built with a fascinating red brick exterior surrounded with yew tree paths, that is perfectly awe-inspiring to visit

The Watts Chapel is also regarded as a cemetery.

Steam Dreams—The Cathedrals Express

Steam trains were one of the olden day hallmarks of transportation. Vintage carriers and white smoke will send you to a nostalgic bygone era where the sound of the whistling train slowly fades while the train smoothly swerves on its tracks. Enjoy the great scenery across the UK and fill your journey with the nature-bound countryside of the British Isles.

When everybody believes that Guildford is a boring countryside with hills, valleys, grass, and trees, it is actually an absolute representation of suburban living with mixed lifestyles; traditional and modern. Give credit to the sprawling countryside where its rich heritage remains valued to this day. Never forget that life needs a blend of joy, happiness, and peace–and Guildford is an all round excellent getaway!

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