How Can a Tree Surgeon Improve Your Garden and Property?

If you are planning a garden makeover or just clean it up to improve your lawn, you’d better hire a tree surgeon to do it for you. Our natural tendency is to get a good landscaper when it comes to garden tasks. True that a landscaper is a genuine gardener compared to an interior designer. Yet, your landscaper without doesnt have the training and skills required to carry out expert tree works.

Here are some quick tips why it is smarter to get a tree surgeon for your property

  • Tree surgeons know how to trim hedges
  • They have sufficient knowledge on the health of a tree and on how to save an ailing or diseased tree
  • As professionals in their industry, tree surgeons are aware of government policies regarding tree felling, authorisation, and preservation order (e.g. knowing when and how to get permission to cut a tree on your property or your neighbour’s)
  • They have special skills in climbing tall trees
  • They know how to handle equipment used in tree works and care

Your safety is guaranteed

A tree surgeon can inspect a tree if it is healthy, diseased, dying, or dead. Compromised trees are dangerous to have around. If a diseased tree, for example, has falling branches, they can harm your property or the people around. Don’t wait for that moment that your tree will cause an accident. Even if Alpine Tree Surgeons offer a 24-hour emergency call-out, dying trees should serve a warning to prevent any untoward incident.

With a tree surgeon, you can also be assured that your tree is free of pests and other harmful bugs that can make anybody sick.

They know how to make a tree healthy

To improve your garden, the tree surgeon will check for any diseased tree or plant. We all are aware of how trees beautify our surroundings. But we also know how and when a tree is no longer pleasing, especially when it is diseased.

A diseased tree is almost a dying tree. If you do not know how to salvage such a tree you better look for a professional and certified one. They won’t only save your tree and improve your property but it also helps you to gain knowledge on how to take care of trees so that such an occurrence won’t happen again.

They know how to trim hedges and overly grown tree branches

Lush greens are good to the sight. But overly thick hedges must need trimming. They can obstruct pathways and sidewalks and cause accidents. Hanging branches and leaves of thick trees could entangle with electrical cables.

Part of the landscaping is the trimming of disoriented leaves and branches. This also removes dead twigs, leaves, and roots that can serve as hazards.

Combined with the skills in climbing and using tools for cutting, tree surgeons can restore the beauty of your surroundings. They know how to climb with safety and precaution and cut branches up high. With the mastery of ropes, harness, hooks, pruning shears, axes, and chainsaw, you can never go wrong in choosing a tree surgeon.

They can help you with permissions and tree preservation

Often the cause of neighbour disputes are trees encroaching one’s property. The neighbour next door is compelled to cut or harm the tree on his own if it annoys him.

Tree surgeons are aware of these events and can assist a property owner how to settle a dispute over a tree.

The Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is an authority or a body to protect trees from destruction or damage. It also protects and prevents tree felling, uprooting, topping, or any act that might compromise a tree’s health. That’s why tree owners must know their rights and responsibilities over their trees in their property and of their neighbour’s.


A certified tree surgeon knows all aspects of tree care. If he does, improving your garden and property is just icing on the cake.

Call for a tree care company that employs professional tree surgeons around the areas in England. Alpine Tree Surgeons have branches in different cities like Southampton, so it wouldn’t be a challenge for you to reach us.

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