The Equipment Used by Modern Tree Surgeons

The job of a tree surgeon is not simple. It is one of the most dangerous jobs in our community. Even though someone knows how to climb even the tallest tree, it is not all there is.

Tree surgeons, or arborists, are faced into life-threatening situations whenever they undertake a tree felling task. It is required. Therefore for those tree surgeons to have the experience, the skills, and the expertise to use high-powered and heavy equipment to carry out their mission. More importantly, the equipment they are going to use should not fail them because if not, tree cutting could only end in a disaster.

The Tools Tree Surgeons Use

No matter how skilled tree surgeons are in climbing up trees, swinging from one tree to another and cutting those huge branches could not be possible if they do not have the knowledge to operate heavy machines and if these machines are not available

What are the tools that make the work of tree surgeons complete, and how do these work?

  1. Chainsaw. If you notice on tree and shrub works, chainsaws are the most commonly used tools. A lightweight and compact machine, a chainsaw is run by gasoline. Some models are electrically powered. A chainsaw is composed of a rotating chain with a set of teeth that cuts the barks of trees. It is uncommon for tree surgeons not to carry a chainsaw. Many types of chainsaw are applicable in tree pruning and cutting. For example, one can be able to cut hard to reach tree branches using a hand saw. Or a type of chainsaw, such as the ground saw has a handle situated differently to cut large branches of felled trees.
  2. Axe. Compared to a chainsaw, an axe is a tool of the old times. Way before tree surgeons came by, axes were used to cut or chop limbs of trees. They are popularly used for cutting wood from felled trees used for as firewood.
  3. Helmet. Hard-hat helmets are required for working tree surgeons. A helmet is a protective gear to keep the head from falling debris from tree felling. Whether a tree worker is up there or working on the ground, he or she needs a helmet for safety.
  4. Harness. Not only mountaineers are seen with a harness. A harness is a vital tool while climbing up the trees. With belts, rings, and loops that need to be worn by a tree surgeon, these elements should be durable to stand the weight of the person wearing and that the gears are tight enough to ensure that the job can be safely completed.
  5. Boots. Crafted with thick fabric to protect from chainsaw cuts, boots are a necessity when working in the field. The boots should be resistant and waterproof because a tree surgeon will come across using chemicals and gases. Along with the boots, climbing spikes are also required so when an arborist climbs the tree; the spikes will penetrate the trunk, giving more adherence and support.
  6. Cranes. Even if you have the complete rigging equipment, but the situation cannot be handled using some techniques, cranes are used to reach parts of the tree that need felling and to direct the path where they should fall. Cranes safely remove trees without damaging your landscape.
  7. Ladders. In addition to cranes, ladders are important tools to carry out the works of climbers. It is pure common sense why you need a ladder for tree works.
  8. Log loader truck. This type of truck removes massive logs and debris when finishing the job and cleaning up the mess in your property.
  9. Stump grinder. A machine with a rotating wheel in front used to shred stump into mulch. Some jobs on tree felling become unfinished when the stump is left out. Although property owners can remove stumps if they have the tool, the removal is faster when done by a skilled arborist, because other stumps have thick roots that run deep in the ground.
  10. Communication gadgets. In a crucial job like this, radios for communication is highly essential in order to observe the exact steps in tree felling. They also serve to keep everyone safe while on duty.

Experienced tree surgeons from Alpine Tree Surgeons will keep you safe at all times, including themselves. The company ensures that they have the complete equipment to carry out the most dangerous and cumbersome task in the community. They gained their expertise from this business by serving residential, commercial, and industrial settings for many years.

If you need further information on the equipment we use on tree surgery, fill the form below or contact us and one of our staff will be happy to help.