The Top 3 Questions a Tree Surgeon Gets Asked

There are many questions you can ask from a tree surgeon. As their days are filled with various tasks, it is normal to be curious about what they actually do and how they feel about it. For us, tree felling seems to be a daunting task, and the activities and risks involved are too much for us to understand.

A tree surgeon’s job perhaps is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Their typical day involves going to heights of trees more than 50 feet in height! However, there’s more to that than just climbing the trees, and we want to know what. Despite the detriments involved, tree surgery is still one of the most exciting jobs to do if you are enthusiastic about the outdoors. Are you in for adventures? Then you need to fill in yourself in the shoes of an actual tree surgeon.

As we surveyed around in Guildford, these are the top three questions most tree surgeons get asked:

  1. How long can you finish a job? If you are a client and you are canvassing your area for reliable tree surgeons, this is probably one of the questions you will immediately ask. Why? Because most customers want to get things done as they expect it to be done. Some are too hasty to have these tree surgeons to finish the assigned task, just because they are paying. The expected reply if we were the tree surgeon being asked would be “it depends.” But typically for a tree surgeon, the job takes one day to finish if it is not that complicated.
  2. Are you insured? Why is this being asked? Because customers do not want to be liable when things go wrong in the worksite. Insurance among workers is crucial when they assume the task, especially that climbing trees is a life-threatening job.
  3. Can you tell me what you actually do? The curiosity of people on what tree surgeons do is simply becoming. First, because tree surgery is not the typical day-to-day office job. While electricians, plumbers, and builders are on-site jobs that are both risky and complex, tree surgery is somehow unique in its sense, so, everyone is interested to know what they actually do.

Customers know they are in safe hands when a project is ongoing within their compound. You know how dangerous it is when huge tree branches of trees fall, hitting properties and lives. Or when a branch snaps while the surgeon is still hanging up there, where anytime soon anybody could get hurt even the tree surgeon himself. Safety is perfected by expert tree surgeons when they embark on this dangerous job. The security they warrant their clients is part of their commitment to the industry. Without it, they are not qualified to be called tree surgeons.

Certified tree surgeons carry out their tasks to the highest standards. When we say standards, we mean the quality of work based on British standards and affiliation in accredited organisations in the UK. Such credentials must reflect on the job and not on written portfolios alone.

Tree surgery is not for the faint-hearted, but if you love to be one, ask our team. Discover the beauty in this exciting job. Perhaps, you can talk to one of our staff and get to know how they do it in detail. 

But if you are on the other end of the rope, someone who’s interested to know what tree surgeons do because you want to avail their services, then you are not getting far away. We have a line of tree surgeons with extensive experience and high work ethics you can depend on. Alpine Tree Surgeons employ people who are reliable in the industry and who do not leave any mess behind. We opt for zero backlogs, and we ensure that we carry out what you expect of us.

If you have further queries that are under our scope, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are just a call and click away.