What Is a Tree Protection Order and Do I Need One?

The irony in these questions lies where people need more protection instead of trees need protecting. Trees protect human lives for centuries, and people depend on them in many ways.

With the abuse of man in utilising his natural resources, trees are not exempted from such cruelty, thus, they, too, need protection. As we know, trees are fundamental to our existence, for without them, as part of the living things in the flora world, we would cease to survive.

As we get to enjoy trees in any way, a regulation must be set to provide limits and protection against people. The TPO, which stands for Tree Preservation Orders, is established to protect and preserve trees in our environment, for people in two ways; aesthetically and environmentally. The TPO covers woodlands and orchards that are non-commercial. It excludes hedges, bushes, and shrubs.

Tree Preservation Order: What do you know?

The TPO is a governing body formed by the council or National Park to prohibit cutting trees or any tree-related works without due permission. Assuming you own a certain tree in your backyard. But if it is under TPO, it means you’re not allowed just to cut it down on your own decision. Even if the tree is planted long ago in your premise, the TPO protection serves its ruling on the said tree. It could be because removing the tree will compromise its value in the public or that your property is within the confines of a conservation area. The TPO is a legal body and violating the rules is a criminal offence.

If you feel the tree is becoming a detriment to life and property, you can consult the body on what to do with the tree. The good thing about residing in an area outside the TPO boundaries and jurisdiction since you are no longer required to secure permission to cut it down or have it felled by tree experts if you wish to.

Tree surgeons in Alpine Tree can help you with what to do with your problematic tree. Our tree surgeons have extensive knowledge and experience to handle tree felling. If you are in a difficult situation, there is no better way to figure it out is to get the help of experts in this field. Only they could understand what is happening.

Do you need a TPO?

The need to have or ‘to be aware’ of the ruling of TPO is essential for your home and surroundings affecting trees either protected or not protected by TPO. Why? Because in certain ways, you need to consult the local authority about any action that might devalue the regulation, even if the tree is not yours or not in your own property. As a citizen, you have a civil duty in your community to help preserve trees and protect them from any illegal removal by any party.

Citizens have varied concerns and issues when it comes to removing trees. For example, one can question if he has the right to work on a tree which is covered in the proposed development or infrastructure. The TPO only allows the works on any trees even if it is a protected tree if the request meets certain conditions, and if permission is granted.

For example, you plan on building a home extension, and doing so will affect the tree which is protected by a TPO. You need to apply for permission from the local authority in a normal way. Or if you suspect a diseased tree or dead tree but it’s under

Tree preservation procedures is an extensive guideline on protected trees released by the Department for Communities and Local Government. From there, you can gain insights and essential information covering wide issues on tree cutting and tree preservation.

Your obligations

As a landowner, it is your responsibility for the upkeep of your surroundings and in the care of the tree within your premises. This is to invoke safety and health and protect those that might be affected by the risks involved in the tree. Finding a tree protected by a TPO but needs to be felled due to some issues on its health, which may infect other healthy trees is an advisable move that is essential to the community.

Ultimately, if there are concerns that you have no idea if TPO guidelines cover them, the assessment by a certified tree surgeon is vital to an application for permission in order to gain a decision regarding the tree.

Alpine Tree Surgeons do this at their best. If you need more information and assistance on TPO and the inclusive ruling, you may call our office and one of our staff will be glad to help. Call us or visit our website.