How do I choose a tree surgeon?

Tree felling is a highly risky job where it needs the expertise of someone qualified to cut it down. Since it is a life-threatening job indeed, it places the lives of those involved in cutting trees down. Therefore, you need a tree surgeon. 

A tree surgeon is a person who is professionally responsible and qualified to remove a tree. Knowing the dangers of removing unwanted trees in our surroundings, tree surgeons are highly skilled personnel. They approved by certain institutions and business who are confident that these people could wield the axe with efficiency for bringing down a tree. Tree surgeons have extensive training and skills before they are sent out to the field and take on the tree job.

A delicate and dangerous job, such as tree felling, pruning, moving, stump grinding, and any other tree and plant-related role, tree surgery should be handled by a certified tree surgeon.

There are key issues that have to be considered when selecting the perfect tree surgeon.

  • Tree surgeons should know how to wield power tools.
  • Tree climbing is their thing; they must be skilled in aerial operations.
  • They should be physically fit (tree surgeons are exposed to different hazards and weather conditions)
  • They must know how to conduct tree inspection and assessment, deciding on whether a certain tree serves as a threat to humans, other living things, and human conditions.
  • They observe safety at all times.
  • They must have skills in chopping, pruning, felling, maintaining, and planting trees.

What else should you look for?

  • Check if they are using the right tool or equipment.
  • Observe if the hired tree surgeon knows how to use a harness
  • Check if they are well suited for the job and are wearing safety gears
  • Listen if they use language in their industry; if they can’t even recognise tree surgery jargons, then start suspecting.
  • Look for membership in authorised academic institutions and accreditation
  • Able to provide a complete quote
  • Ask for an NPTC certification (City & Guilds Land Based Services)

What is NPTC?

The City & Guilds Land Based Services, formerly NPTC, is the largest in the UK as an award-giving body for those in the land-based sector covering aspects of work in the agriculture, conservation, animal care, machinery, horticulture, and arboriculture. If a tree surgeon can present an NPTC certification, that’s a plus to his credentials.

What does NPTC do?

This organising body offers vocational education in a related field. It has a strong focus on specialist skills, that is, tree surgery or arboriculture, to be able for a seeker to acquire a certificate of competence qualification. If you have this certification, you can secure a licence to practice in relation to the activities and works of a tree surgeon.

Employers and training providers, academic institutions can provide the training and education they seem needed for the skills of the involved individuals under their care. This, in essence, is an important undertaking in relevance with key industry bodies.

Another essential qualification of a tree surgeon is if he is connected or has worked to British Standards. There are British Standards about tree works, and tree surgeons who would like to gain reputation must be familiar with these standards (tree works and demolition).

Other memberships go beyond NPTC. Additionally, a qualified tree surgeon is recommended to be a member of the Arboricultural Association and Tree Care Industry Association.

What are these associations for?

A high standard of workmanship is a demand in the field of tree felling. Although membership in these associations is not compulsory, the connection itself adds value to the type of skill every tree surgeon must display. The sheer involvement to any highly regarded association makes one more knowledgeable, skilled, and trained, and always one step ahead against any competitor.

Also, having passed written and practical assessments prior to engagements to authorised parties makes one more equipped in terms of his work in tree surgery.

Tree surgeons in Alpine

Here in Alpine Tree Surgeons, we employ qualified personnel who undertake the risky job of a tree surgeon. They are licenced tree surgeons in the industry and certified fully to assume and handle challenging tasks when it comes to tree felling and related projects.

If you wish to know more and are keen on understanding the life and works of a tree surgeon, send your inquiries to our office. If you feel you couldn’t trust anyone to handle tree felling in your area, call our support group, and we will inspect it for you. Call us or fill out the form on this website, and we will attend to you straight away.