Do I Need Permission to Cut Down a Tree on My Property?

Sometimes, it is so easy to tell if a tree in our backyard has to be removed, especially if it is becoming an inconvenience. While trees are an important part of our surroundings, keeping them as long as we want may or may not be a good decision. The time will come that trees need to be cut down and eradicated from our lawn. We need to let go of our beloved trees soon. But the issue lies if we have the right to take down a tree even if it is within our property.

Some points about tree felling and what constitutes our rights in getting rid of a tree in our backyard are good things to know. Do not attempt to cut it down with your axe too soon. There are always implications in cutting down a tree whether your purpose is for the benefit of your place or your community.

Conflicts in tree felling

Removing a tree gives you various reasons whether it is for personal benefit. Tree reservation is a benevolent move, but when you look at it from a different perspective, you can second guess if keeping it is the right thing to do.

What do you think are the reasons for cutting down a tree? Are these valid?

  • When root growths are becoming a hazard to home and nearby structures
  • A decaying tree
  • When large tree trunks hang over the neighbour’s yard, thereby invading their privacy
  • When a tree is damaging other houses in case of heavy storms and wind
  • When a tree is leaning tree towards your house and pose as a detriment to your life and property
  • A dead tree

A compromised tree is facing possible extinction unless it continues to bring benefits around us. A damaged tree brought by a calamity could still be salvaged by removing the fallen trunks and trimming it in a way it will not serve an obstacle on the road or path or as a cause of harm to other plants.

The effects of removing a tree

You may have good reasons for cutting down a tree. While trees offer significant benefits to wildlife and people, removing it could have a negative impact.

Do you know that trees are shelters for wildlife? Many species, such as birds and other reptiles, depend on trees for food, safety, and most importantly shelter. Have you thought where birds go during heavy rains? Though your roof could somehow be their temporary place of refuge, they depend entirely on trees, especially with lush greens. Additionally, the fruits of trees cater to the food of these living things, not just man. So if you have decided to cut down your tree, part of the wildlife that is depending on your garden will no longer have somewhere to go, resulting in loss of life.

The air we breathe

In connection to the life-giving property of trees, humans depend on trees for oxygen, provide a temporary refuge from the scorching heat of the sun, prevent flooding, which is a life-threatening calamity. What else?

With the presence of trees, carbon emission is lessened or controlled, provide health to the soil, and prevent soil erosion with its roots holding the water and storing it for continuous consumption within its own life.

Trees give us peace of mind. Its presence in our lawn makes life more serene, lighter, vibrant and inspires us to be productive in our own way. Thus, the aesthetics trees impart is only a part of its many uses.

Tree Preservation Order: what do we know?

Your tree could be under Tree Preservation Order (TPO), meaning you need permission before cutting it down even if it is within your premise, more importantly, if removing it compromises its value in the public and that your property is located inside a conservation area. The TPO is an authority or body formed by the council or National Park to prohibit cutting trees or any works thereof without permission. Violating the TPO is a criminal offence.

You do not need to get permission from the council or the body that has a ruling on the TPO if you live outside a conservation area and that removing the tree would not affect the public. You do not need to consult the council or seek permission from the authority if the tree is in your lawn and you want to cut it.

If you are in doubt, you can seek the help of our tree surgeons, and they are more than happy to share pertinent information on tree felling.

If you feel the need to remove your tree and all the conditions above are met, there’s no one who can prevent you. The ultimate decision you can make for your tree is to seek the advice of tree experts and arborists. Tree surgeons from Alpine Tree have extensive knowledge and skills to facilitate the removing of your tree in your lawn. It makes a big difference if you head to those who have many years of experience in tree felling, at least you will never go wrong.

Call our tree surgeons now for help, or receive a free quote on any of your queries.