How Can I Make My Tree Healthy Again?

Why do we need trees?

Trees are an indispensable part of our existence; they have been here since time immemorial. Basing on science, trees are known to prevent soil erosion and serve as shelter for some animal life. For us humans, the oxygen coming from trees and plants is crucial for our survival. In exchange, we send out carbon dioxide which trees need for their own survival, too.

In many aspects of life, trees play important roles. Other than bearing fruit and providing shelter, the presence of trees in our surroundings alone completes the life that we have.

Why trees are being removed

There are a variety of reasons why trees get removed. Sometimes, the purpose is out of self-interest. The selfishness that evolved from keeping trees away or keeping them alive result in destruction.

  1. Trees are removed to give way to urbanisation.
  2. Climate changes make some tree species extinct.
  3. Trees are becoming hazards to someplace in the community.
  4. Trees are being made as furniture.
  5. Trees are removed and transferred for the community purpose.

Since the effects of removing trees had an impact on the lives of trees, the government and concerned societies encouraged the replanting of trees to replenish what we have lost. However, this move could have been somewhat too late for those who have abused the usefulness of trees. Such unscrupulous acts resulted to a variety of damage to our environment.

Trees that have been neglected are left to rot and infect other healthy trees. Fortunately, there are concerned organisations around the world that would encourage us to replant trees for our benefit or make some diseased trees healthy again.

If you have an old tree in your yard and you are indecisive on what to do with it, have it checked by tree surgeons. For a reason, such tree could have a sentimental value to your family, that’s why removing it is out of the question. If the tree is found to have been infected with something, you can make it healthy again.

Tips on maintaining a tree’s health

  1. Water the tree. Watering plants is not an old school doing. Just like any plant, your tree needs water in order to survive. Just because the bark is thick, the tree is old and that it has survived for many years, does not mean it no longer needs care. Mature trees need to be watered at least once a week, especially if it hadn’t rained.
  2. Trimming. Proper trimming of the tree is a healthy way to keep it alive. Pruning, as plant experts call it, is removing dead parts. Remove twigs, dead branches, dried leaves, and other unnecessary sights on your tree. This gives the tree a chance to breathe again and sprout new leaves, flowers, and fruit. Besides, a disorderly appearing tree is not pleasant to the sight.
  3. Put mulch on the base. Removing weeds or dead grass at the base of the tree and replace it with mulch is making the soil underneath healthy. Mulch helps the roots to grow and restore their energy.
  4. Fertilisers. Fertilisers help the soil in releasing nutrients. In common sense, when the soil is rich, and so is the tree. This will allow proper circulation of life from the roots to the leaves, giving your tree vibrant health.
  5. Relocate. If your tree is young and just the moderate size, you can have it moved to another location in your yard where it can receive proper sunlight. Choose a spot in your lawn where it can enough or extend its canopy when the time comes. If you need more ideas on replanting, ask our arborists, as they have a deeper knowledge of tree care.

When you think your tree is going to die and you are seeing some kind of disease but quite unsure of it, call the tree experts from Alpine Tree Surgeons. Our arborists are highly experienced tradespeople where they can figure out if your tree needs salvaging or cutting. Pests and bacteria on tree barks or base, and holes and moss could be signs of an ageing tree or a diseased tree. The presence of mosses on trees can be a sign of a healthy tree because they are also plants, but heavy and wet moss can cover the tree too much and slow the growth.

For the best move, call our tree experts. Alpine Tree Surgeons serve the areas and towns of the UK. With our trained tree surgeons, we ensure that your tree gets taken care of. Book a checkup now, and one of our staff will be more than happy to serve.

Keep your tree healthy and let it stand the test of time.