Is it Necessary to Remove a Tree Stump?

Have you had an existing tree stump standing in your lawn for years now? Perhaps, you have no need of the lawn for some purpose if you are into landscaping. What will you do when you find the stump problematic, will you remove right away?

Removing a tree stump looks easy. You think you could use a handful of tools at home and uproot the stump by your own and get a little help from YouTube DIYs. Could a simple axe solve it? The task involved in removing a tree stump is quite risky because you are not aware of the pros and cons. Know what you are getting into before embarking on your mini stump removal journey.

Ask yourself: Is it smart to remove a tree stump by myself?

The answer will always depend: First, can you remove it by yourself? Do you have the proper tools to uproot it? If so, how fast can you do it?

Removing a tree stump has many benefits, but the common reason for removing is due to the aesthetics of your surroundings, or of your home specifically. It can be because you are taking care of a garden and you might not want to ruin what you have in mind. Or it could be that you want everybody’s safety, as the stump itself is not just an eyesore but could cause danger.

The first valid reason for removing a stump is to find why it has to be removed in the first place.

Getting rid of an eyesore

Plain and simple, it irritates you to see the shabby look of your lawn. It’s like having without a haircut for months! The beauty of trimming hedges and other plants in your garden is overwhelming when you see well-lined pots of flowering plants and well-tended trees. Abandoned tree stumps will have weeds grow on them, and this does not look clean and orderly. Give an immaculate look to your garden by getting rid of the stump.

Roots are stronger than you thought

How many times did you see a tree cut all the way down its trunk but keeps on giving out new shoots and fresh leaves? That’s happening to some unremoved tree stumps. The roots, which didn’t die unless the stump is removed including the roots, can regrow new ones if they get the chance.

Swelling roots, even those trying to grow further, can damage the piping system within the soil. Water from burst pipes is an opportunity for roots to grow new ones. Also, the old roots which have been there for a time could destroy the concrete above your lawn when the soil eventually becomes weak. If this happens, you will need to excavate the spot and retrofit it accordingly.

Get rid of pests

Unremoved stumps with living roots beneath will harbour pests. Wood-boring insects thrive on tree stumps and proliferate. Worse is that other plants in your yard might be infected. Call an arborist right away if you think the stump in your lawn is a breeding site of insects. You couldn’t be aware of the damage pests and termites can do to your home.


Homes with large lawns have more reasons to convert their place into something useful and attractive. If the space occupied by the stump lays there and is wasted, you can think of landscaping solutions or renovation ideas you wouldn’t have thought for a while. There are endless possibilities to convert that spot. Your creative ideas would soon kick in when you talk to a professional tree surgeon.

Have your place visited by licensed arborists. Here at Alpine Tree Surgeons, we have certified tradespeople who could handle simple and complicated tree surgery tasks. Just give us a call.

Maintain safety at home

Keep your home safe and your loved ones healthy. A clean lawn that does away from decayed tree stump will keep your pets and small children from sickness or danger. More than an eyesore, with the negative effects of old stumps, tree stumps should be checked and removed by an experienced tree surgeon. If you can’t handle the job alone, investing a little in having professionals keep your yard clean could be of much worth for your property’s resale value.

It is always a best decision to let the experts handle the job. Inquire about your problematic tree stump and we will take the matter to our skilled people.