What Do I need to Know about Removing a Tree?

If removing a tree involves a problematic plant around your backyard and it is not that significant to call the experts in, perhaps, you may want to know how to cut the tree by yourself. We have witnessed many households doing their tree cutting in their own premises, believing that they can handle the job fair enough.

There are always risks involved in tree care. The job may well be quite easy and fun, but it is highly dangerous. When we are talking about tall and wide trees you may need the help of a professional. Tree experts, called tree surgeons, have special skills and experience to handle difficult jobs. Besides, a little expense won’t hurt but the worth you receive is more than ten times fold.

Having a tool does not mean you can cut a tree by your own.

If you insist on having a hand in removing your own tree, keep in mind that the risks involved are concerning and fatal. Climbing alone is a dangerous move, as you might encounter live electrical wires, rusty fences, insects, and slippery trunks where you could fall.

In this article, we will check out the techniques in removing a tree and how arborists carry them out.

Tips on cutting trees

Check the condition of the tree

Is removing the tree necessary? Is it a fruit tree where you benefit from its seasonal produce? If you feel the tree is a clutter, before aiming to axe it, tap its trunk. The tree could be dead if you hear a hollow sound when you tap it. But if the sound is solid, it means part of it is still alive. Cutting on a sturdy tree could be a challenge when you don’t know where to start. So, tapping could be a lot of help to determine the portions to cut first.

Assess your approach in cutting the tree

Where is the tree located? Do you need heavy equipment to pull it out when the cutting is done? Are there areas on your lawn that could be part of collateral damage when things go sideways? Picture the place and imagine how your equipment is going to crash into your site.

In tree felling, checking the drop zone is a crucial spot to avoid the risk of damaging lives and property. It is okay to leave the tree where it wants to lean and fall, but prepare the site where it would fall to prevent the tree from bouncing or rolling.

What tools you need

After careful examination of the location of the tree, check the tools you need to begin the tree cutting process. In this kind of job, you need an axe, chainsaw, grinders for stump removal, trucks with crane, and safety gears. If you can’t decide what tools are lacking, ask a tree service company, they can advise and provide what’s missing. Don’t forget hard hats and the correct clothing to include to your protective equipment.

How long would it take the tree to cut?

As you evaluate your tree, you may have a good guess how long will it take you to finish the job. It is a common intention to get it done right away, but there’s no need to rush. As they say, haste makes waste. Worse, you might encounter untoward incident if you insist on cutting the tree in the shortest time possible. Know the removal process before embarking on this dangerous journey. As suggested previously professional tree surgeons are the people required for these tasks – Click Here

Know what direction to go to avoid the falling tree

Knowing where to run or escape when the tree is about to blow down is keeping yourself safe, injury free, or alive. When running away from the direction of the falling tree, never turn your back. Also, if you’re the one cutting the tree, never stand directly behind it, because when it falls, it will snap on the cut, and remnants of the trunk might strike you when the whole tree go towards the opposite direction.

Let Alpine Tree Surgeons in Guildford help you

This tree removal undertaking is just the tip of the iceberg; there are more ways to learn. Life and property are precious wealth and should be protected from reckless tree felling or cutting. Hire the skill of a more knowledgeable person, such as certified tree surgeons, because you may never realise how vital your life depends on them until undesirable outcomes are met.

Complete your tree removal with us and make it a success. Have us send our arborist in your area or contact us to visit your site.