What Qualifications Should a Tree Surgeon Have?

A life-threatening job indeed, tree surgery risks the lives of tree surgeons in embarking on pruning or cutting down trees. The tree surgeon covers major responsibilities in removing unwanted trees in your surroundings. In order to carry out the job of a tree surgeon, he or she must possess certain qualifications, education, and certification in the industry. While the undertakings are crucial both for the life of humans and living plants and trees, tree surgeons should have had gained extensive training before they can be sent to the field.

In your community, you will notice that there are some places, such as parks, historical places, government institutions, or universities, and even sidewalks with plants, hedges, and trees well pruned and trimmed. You might wonder how they make their surroundings well kept and free from debris that might endanger passersby.

The people behind the beauty of a well-kept and maintained surroundings are the tree surgeons. Sometimes, they are called arborists.

What do you think these tree experts do and what skills they need in order to complete their job?

They must be:

  • Trained in handling power tools.
  • Experienced and highly skilled in aerial operations, such as tree climbing
  • Physically fit (tree surgeons are out in the open and experience different weather conditions).
  • Knowledgeable in conducting inspection and making assessment on trees’ health or if they are endangered or serve as threats to humans.
  • Observant of the safety rules in tree felling.
  • Skilled in chopping, felling, pruning, maintaining, and even planting trees.

How tree surgeons gain their qualifications in Guildford

Tree surgeons deal with enormously tall trees that require them to climb and cut problematic branches and trunk with efficiency. The mix of skill and knowledge in this kind of job is worth everybody’s praise.

In Guildford and surrounding areas in the UK, tree surgeons must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Further degree in arboriculture is encouraged but not required.

While tree felling involves working with heights and other dangerous undertakings, tree surgeons should follow safety standards to protect themselves from hazards.

What are the works involved?

  1. Tree climbing—Climbing gears and chainsaws are tools needed by an arborist to climb a tree. Natural disasters bring trees devastated by storms. Tree surgeons take a major part in cleaning up such a mess.
  2. Using climbing spurs—Spurs are dug on tree barks that will serve as a leverage for tree surgeons to climb up the tree, along with using lanyards.
  3. Rope throwing bundle—This not a bungee jumper act but a skill needed by an arborist to make sure they are securely fastened to be able to move their body up and down the ground.
  4. Pruning—It’s not a botanist’s job but something that has to with pruning, insect control, fertilisation, and maintaining trees’ health.
  5. Machine operation—This involves the use of cranes, stump grinder, all kinds of chainsaw, and other heavy equipment in tree felling.

Who we are

Alpine Tree Surgeons in Guildford prefer to be called “surgeons” as it sounds more appealing and easier to understand. Though tree surgeons and arborists can, in fact, be used interchangeably, we chose the lighter side so our customers would better identify us as someone who treats and cure trees in all aspects.

A tree surgeon’s job is physically demanding, and yet, our tradespeople here at Alpine Tree Surgeons enjoy what they do. We take pride in offering our services for commercial, government, or residential settings. Our work is extremely important and helpful for the overall environmental health of our communities. Besides, our tree surgeons are qualified, licensed, and certified in their chosen field.

There are no small or big jobs for Alpine Tree Surgeons. Just give us a call and we’ll deal straight away with your queries.