Stump Grinding Versus Stump Removal—Which is the Best Option?

Tree stumps are an eyesore in your yard or in spots where people flock, stroll, or just pass by often. Looking to get rid of tree stumps in your yard, there are different ways to get it done. Whether you have these stumps ground or removed, they both fall to the same objective–removing the stump. Literally, stump grinding is a much different process in removing a stump, but the latter doesn’t employ grinding but of different methods.

If you own a tree that has to be discarded for good, which method you think is the best?

Stump grinding

Removing a tree stump can be done manually. First, by digging the stump out by hand or burning it if it is permissible in your area. But a simpler and more effective method is to use a power tool, such as the stump grinder, which is a very quick and inexpensive procedure. It typically takes a couple of hours to remove a small tree stump. More time will be needed if you have more stumps to tackle.

When removing the tree stump, trim the stump to the ground using a chain saw. This will help speed up the process, which is especially convenient for a large stump. Also, dig up rocks around the tree stump. Rocks and stones can damage the teeth on the grinder’s cutting wheel.

When you think the stump has totally disintegrated, simply spread the cutwood chips over the hole made by grinding. Repeat the same with mulch, and then add topsoil, and then spread an even layer of grass seed into the soil. Finally, water the area. Monitor and treat the area just as you would treat your lawn.

In stump grinding, a stump cutter is used. It is a powerful tool built with a rotating disc that cuts away the wood. If you want the quicker way of getting away with the stump, power tools should be used instead.

Stump removal

Although stump grinding is the same concept as stump removal, perhaps the use of “removal” in this sense points to a different method of “eradicating” the stump in a more specific way.

After a huge and tall tree has been cut down, tree surgeons still have something left behind the massive workload, that is, the stump. Stump removal is another laborious work but can be done easily by using the right techniques.

Before getting on removing the stump completely and immediately, it is important to assess the stump beforehand, because some stumps take a few days before they are completely wiped out, and some take a few hours only.

Consider that trees have varied roots and branches. The thicker and wider the stump is, and depending on the characteristic of wood of the tree, removing the stump may take a while. Also, the age of the tree is another indicator of how easy or hard to remove the stump. Old stumps are easier to remove.

Methods to remove a stump

By hand

Do you know that you can remove a stump by yourself? Some old stumps are literally small, and it only needs a handful of tools in order to unearth the stump. If the stump is decayed or diseased, it is much easier to haul it up.

  1. You will be needing a shovel, ax, digging bar, limbing saw or chainsaw.
  2. Use the saw to remove the protruding portion of the stump but don’t cut them as leveled to the ground so you’ll have a remaining stump to use as leverage when you pull it up later.
  3. Use the digging bar and shovel to reveal the roots, and then cut the roots around the stump one by one.
  4. Push and pull the trunk and see if it is good enough to be removed.
  5. When the stump is uprooted, pour topsoil onto the hole and level the ground using the shovel. You can also add grass and water the spot from time to time so no trace of the stump is left.

By burning

If you feel hiring tree experts to remove the stump in your yard is costly, you can use the burning method. Although this is a little risky as it may violate certain rules in your area, try this method with some caution.

  1. Using a power drill, make holes on the top of the stump and on the sides, too.
  2. Remove the debris from the stump and pour kerosene (or pure vegetable oil if you’re not fond of harmful gases) on the holes.
  3. Using a matchstick, light up some dried woody stems (or coal) or anything flammable and insert them in the holes.
  4. Keep the fire burning until the stump slowly recedes its size and becomes hollow inside due to charred elements.
  5. Let it stay for a few days until the stump is weak and ready to crumble.

If you have several stumps to remove and you need the help of an expert, the men from Alpine Tree Surgeons in Hampshire will handle the heavy job for you. They had acquired the skill and years of experience in handling stumps and trees for the beautification of our environment.

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