What’s the Difference Between an Arborist and a Tree Surgeon?

An arborist and a tree surgeon are often used interchangeably. Hearing the word “arborist” for the first time will make you wonder what this really means, what’s his job specifically, and if he has something to do in medicine; sounds more like a biologist or botanist. On the other hand, when a “tree surgeon” is mentioned, it seems more confusing if it points to medicine using the word “surgeon.” A tree surgeon has a great deal to do about taking care of trees and plants. Ideally, both arborists and tree surgeons may echo the same definition since they could both refer to the science of tree care.

People involved in the tree industry know the difference between an arborist and a tree surgeon. Both of them are practising arboriculture. To defy your misconception, neither of the two are merely tree climbers. Yes, they climb trees and they must be good at it. But there’s more to it than just being skilfull in climbing.

The Arborist

Arborists often have a certain degree in arboriculture. The study of arboriculture covers courses in plant pathology, soil fertility, and forestry. With a 3-year full-time job as a professional arborist, an individual pursuing arboriculture must pass qualifying exams that would solidify an arborist’s certification to practice his job in the field. An arborist is also responsible for the management and cultivation of plants, shrubs, trees, and vines.

Seeing your roadways and sidewalks lined up with well-trimmed plants and trees, powerlines that do not tangle with messy tree branches, your arborists did a fine job. They are the professionals responsible to make our surroundings clean, without clutter and obstacles due to complicated and overgrown plants and trees.

It is a pleasure to drive on a scenic highway when the surroundings are well trimmed.

An arborist’s role in the community is integral. They ensure that our roads and sidewalks are clear from plants and trees that block our way. However, they do not totally remove trees, instead, they value them by trimming, treating from the ground and up. So technically, arborists must know how to climb tall trees, deals with pests and insects, sting bites, harmful gases used to treat them, protect themselves from electrocution from maintaining line clearance, and skill to bring down huge branches by using cranes, power saw, lanyards, trucks, and other high-powered tools to carry out all these.

The role of arborists covers three aspects. Some remove dead tree branches that interfere with power lines, cables, walkways, and roads. Some of them focus on caring for the health of plants and trees make our surroundings enjoyable to sight. And some others trim plant species such ornamental plants.

The Tree Surgeon

A tree surgeon maintains trees and does risky jobs that are life-threatening. They are responsible for pruning or cutting down trees. The skill to use power tools is necessary for a tree surgeon to carry out his job. Tree surgeons can acquire specific qualifications and a degree in college. On-the-job-training makes their experience more extensive.

Skills needed by a tree surgeon:

  • Proficient in using power tools
  • Skilled in aerial operations, tree climbing
  • Must be physically fit to withstand outdoor and weather conditions while working in the field
  • Can do inspection and assessment on the health and danger of trees
  • Should know how to observe safety rules and standards in tree felling
  • Aside from felling, pruning, or chopping trees, tree surgeons should also be adept in maintaining trees and in planting them

Who we are

Alpine Tree Surgeons in Guildford prefer to be called “surgeons” as it sounds more appealing and easier to understand. People sometimes are too busy to examine further what an arborist does. Though tree surgeons and arborists can, in fact, be used interchangeably, we chose the lighter side so our customers would better identify us as someone who treats and cure trees in all aspects.

Whether called a tree surgeon or an arborist, our job is physically demanding, and yet we enjoy it. We take pride in offering our services for commercial, government, or residential settings. Our work is extremely important and helpful for the overall environmental health of our communities. Besides, our tree surgeons are qualified, licensed, and certified in their chosen field.

There are no small or big jobs for Alpine Tree Surgeons. Just give us a call and we’ll deal straight away with your queries.